supporto a SSH in PowerShell e Windows

Col post Looking Forward: Microsoft Support for Secure Shell (SSH) del 3 giugno 2015 sul Windows PowerShell Blog è stato annunciato che il PowerShell team supporterà e contribuirà l’OpenSSH community per sviluppare una soluzione SSH in PowerShell:

“SSH solutions are available today by a number of vendors and communities, especially in the Linux world. However, there are limited implementations customers can deploy in Windows production environments.  After reviewing these alternatives, the PowerShell team realized the best option will be for our team to adopt an industry proven solution while providing tight integration with Windows; a solution that Microsoft will deliver in Windows while working closely with subject matter experts across the planet to build it. Based on these goals, I’m pleased to announce that the PowerShell team will support and contribute to the OpenSSH community – Very excited to work with the OpenSSH community to deliver the PowerShell and Windows SSH solution!

Questo significa che tramite PowerShell sarà possibile eseguire connessioni SSH (Secure Shell) e lo stato dell’arte e la roadmap per lo sviluppo della funzionalità sono state pubblicate nel post OpenSSH for Windows Update del 19 ottobre 2015. Sempre in questo post è stato annunciata la disponibilità di Win32-OpenSSH pubblicato su, mentre il rilascio di tutte le feature previste dalla roadmap dovrebbe avvenire entro giugno 2016.

Di seguito la roadmap del progetto:

1. Update NoMachine port to OpenSSH 7.1 [Done]

2. Leverage Windows crypto api’s instead of OpenSSL/LibreSSL and run as Windows Service

3. Address POSIX compatibility concerns

4. Stabilize the code and address reported issues

5. Production quality release

“At this point, the roadmap is specifically around providing a Windows port of OpenSSH with complete feature parity and interoperability.  Our goal is to get to milestone 5 within the first half of 2016.”

Per il deploy di Win32 OpenSSH si veda Deploy Win32 OpenSSH.