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Elencare i print job tramite WMI

Uno snippet per i print job in corso. Dim path As New System.Management.ManagementPath(“root\cimv2”) Dim options As New System.Management.ConnectionOptions ‘Local Host path.Server = “.” ‘Remote Host ‘path.Server = “ServerName” ‘options.Username = “DomainName\UserName” ‘options.Password = “UserPassword” Dim scope As New System.Management.ManagementScope(path, options) Dim query As New System.Management.ObjectQuery( _        “SELECT Name, Document, JobStatus, Owner, TotalPages, Size, TimeSubmitted…

KB Exchange 2003

How to use a VBScript to write proxy addresses to an Ldifde.exe-compatible import file in Exchange Server 2003


Loading Web Parts into a catalog at run time

Modifica allo script Sendmail.vbs

Dietro suggerimento ho modificato lo Script per inviare mail tramite CDOSYS per supportare anche i parametri -Cc e -Bcc.