KB 06-07-2005

Visual Studio .NET 2003

FIX: You may receive an “Optimization failed” error message when you build a C++ application that uses the <= logical operator in Visual Studio .NET 2003

Visual Basic .NET 2003

How to consume assemblies that are located in a folder that is different from the application base folder in Visual Basic .NET

How to programmatically set NTFS file system folder permissions by using ADSI in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

Visual C++ .NET 2003
FIX: A form may take a long time to open when the form contains lots of controls in the Visual C++ .NET 2003 designer 

SQL Server 2000

FIX: A query that involves data that is the numeric data type may return incorrect results in SQL Server 2000 SP3 and in earlier SQL Server 2000 service packs

Access 2003

Poor performance when you append data to a shared file-based database from a Windows XP-based client

How to optimize Office Access and Jet database engine network performance with Windows 2000-based and Windows XP-based clients

Windows 2003

You experience poor throughput on network connections that have high latency on a Windows Server 2003-based computer


The e-mail address or the display name is incorrect when you reply to a POP3 e-mail message in Outlook Express 6.0 or in Outlook 2003