KB 16-06-2005

Sql Server 2000

Permissions do not appear in the sysprotects table or in the output of the sp_helprotect stored procedure when you grant the permissions to an object in SQL Server 2000.

FIX: An access violation may occur when you run a SELECT query and the NO_BROWSETABLE option is set to ON in Microsoft SQL Server 2000
You may experience performance issues when you use SQL Server Distributed Management Objects (SQL-DMO) components in a multithreaded environment
FIX: 17883 errors may be written to the SQL Server error log when you run a query that generates many floating point exception errors in SQL Server 2000
FIX: Server Network Utility may display incorrect protocol properties in SQL Server 2000 

Windows 2003 Server

You cannot see all the screen element text if you use the large size (120 DPI) display DPI setting on a Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server.

ISA 2000

The ISA Firewall service may unexpectedly quit when ISA Server 2000 experiences heavy network traffic.