Microsoft Downloads 27-05-2005

Download this sample to create a simple application in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET that searches a database and uses the results to populate a Microsoft Word document using XML tags or bookmarks (5/26/2005).
Download this tool for installing necessary Microsoft Windows components that applications need to execute properly (5/23/2005).
Download this version of the Avalon and Indigo Beta 1 release candidate for the general public (5/24/2005).

Keep track of the time in other time zones without changing the system time on your computer.
This download contains the hotfix for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003 (5/25/2005).
Download these configuration, rule, and help updates for the Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer 2.0 (5/26/2005).
Download new emulator images that allow you to test your applications in all available Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone localizations (5/25/2005).
The Small IT Solution for Mobility provides guidance on planning, building, deploying, and operating Windows Mobile 2003 software solutions (5/26/2005).