Rilasciata la versione 0.99.9 beta di nLite

Rilasciata la versione 0.99.9 beta di questo tool per lo SlipStreaming

0.99.9 beta
– new: Services Configuration subpage in Options
– new: Keep code pages of removed languages option
– new: Auto Pre-Slipstream cleanup if needed
– update: Textmode driver selection prompt
– update: Merge to Recompress, original structure of CABs with same reduction
– update: Duplicate files removal suspended, now smaller final install
– update: Keep/Remove boxes moved to Components – Advanced menu option
– fix: Manual install bogus missing files report
– fix: Textmode driver integration
   * Windows 2000 DELL PERC RAID
   * Nvidia RAID
– fix: Manual path when CD selected loop warning
– fix: SIF line 139 error
– fix: RVM Hotfix pack SFC issues and 1.2.1 support
– fix: Object Reference not found during processing
– fix: Tweaks
– fix: Population of DllCache if SFC left enabled
– fix: Windows 2003 SP1 setup restarts
– fix: Office updates not installing on enlighten OS
– new: Map Network Drives/Network Places Wizard
– new: Color Schemes
– update: Midi support MIDIMAP left
– update: Separated Hardware Support components
– update: Languages separated in groups
– update: OOBE doesn’t need SENS, SENS more friendly
– fix: Languages listed twice
– fix: Help (missing files on Printer install)